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Fabien Raymondaud is a former French teacher. He taught French in a private school for girls for 15 years before retraining in 2013 as a massage therapist. He experienced his first gong bath two years later.


This event was the beginning of an awakening. It transformed his life and prompted him to travel extensively for 4 years in South America and study under the finest shamans in the amazonian jungle. During those times he was immersed in the art of healing sounds "icaros" and their mystical powers. He has also trained as an energetic healer and qualified as a sound healer under Nestor Kornblum at Harmonic Sounds in Spain.

Specializing in Indian classical and devotional styles, Thomas has studied for many years under great masters of Indian music. Having training at hawkwood college on the famous Gong Master training course with Grand master of the Gong Don Conreaux. 

He has also trained extensively in both classical and contemporary musical traditions.  He is an accomplished musician and is skilled in many indian instruments such as harmonium , Tabla, Dholak and other drums and percussion

Also having trained in Djembe and other african drums he has led drumming workshops at Telford Mind for the therapeutic and health benefits to the clients there

He is also skilled in a varied collection of ritual tibetan instruments as used in monasteries, long & short horns (Geling & Tungchen ) conch, damaru, various cymbals and singing bowls . As a former Tibetan Buddhist monk he was trained to play all traditional instruments and given ancestral oral lineage for religious events. His breadth of knowledge is invalualble. 

How might a Gong bath speak to you?

Gongs have transformed our life. It requires for us to have the courage to follow our heart, the voice from within. When we honour our inner call, life just fall into place, effortlessly.

When looking back we understand why certain things happened and it is an opportunity to learn. There is always a reason for a particular challenge.

One of the things we learn with the Way of Gong, is not to judge and to accept whatever comes. This in turn makes life so much more joyful.

The Gong is a great teacher, it whispers in our ear something new every time we listen.

For us, people are inspiring in the way they face difficult decisions, how they embrace their passions, their worries, their relationships, their stories. Meeting new people, learning about them, interacting with them and also watching myself and seeing how I change is where I find beauty, it touches my heart and keeps me playing.

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