Benefits of gong therapy

Gongs heal, balance & align.

 The gong acoustically elevates us creating a deep, spontaneous mediative state that restores harmony and vitality to the mind, body and soul.

How can sound be used to benefit us?

The idea that a Gong Bath Sound Meditation affects the health of the mind and body is not new. … Sound healing is one of a growing number of energy therapies that are contributing to creating a new genre called vibrational medicine.

Everyone is so stressed, sick and looking for an alternative to popping pills as the side effects are only too real. Something where they don’t have to do much yet still feels the benefits. 

Can sound help me meditate?

Yes sound can help to restore a state of presence, in the here and now. 

A Gong Bath Sound Meditation or just listening deeply to our own inner sound (also known as Nada Yoga), it can help us shift the frequency of our brainwave state and bring harmony and clarity to our minds. 

What do Science say about it?

In various cultures throughout the world, for thousands of years the power of sound has been used as a tool for healing but also for destruction and fear. This is hardly a new concept. 

Today science is starting to see what they knew thousands of years ago… Sound is powerfully healing if used with positive intentions.

Joshua Leeds, the author of The Power of Sound and an expert in the field of psychoacoustics, has studied and researched the effects of sound on the human nervous system. He says “Sound healing is trending up. It’s like where yoga was 15 years ago. People are realizing that sound is a viable medium to address distress, enhance learning, even work with an autistic child.”

In a nut shell, what are the top 5 benefits?

1.The Gong is so magical and powerful. It takes us our mind into the humble space of the unknown.

2.The vibration of the Gong and crystal bowls penetrate every cell of our being, body, mind and spirit. We are all constantly creating a vibration and sound with every cell and mind projection, this can lead us to a harmonious ripple in the ether or disharmonious one.


3. Gongs and singing bowls are a musical instruments which can create an effortless bridge into our own divinity. You’re lying down on the floor, cuddled by a cushy blanket and bathed in the sound, sound of creation, sound of harmony, sound of eternity.


4. This sound is so abstract, so unique that the human mind is unable to associate it with anything familiar, it has to surrender. In this state the healing takes place, the stress is melted away, worries disappear, dreams of the heart are coming true.


5. There is no better way to heal. You don’t need to do much, just a simple intent in the beginning of a Gong Bath and then just relax. No struggle with ego, just pure bliss. Simple. Beautiful.

“Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for education of its virtue ~ Plato “

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